Artist Coaching

In my art writing practice one of the things I love best is getting to know the artists. I’m fortunate to live in Portland, Ore., a city with an abundance of talented creative people and where the majority of my clients live. This means that we get to interact in person, get to know one another, do gallery visits, you name it. This is an honor and a privilege not to mention a total blast. Being able to chat about the work or the proposal or the statement adds dimension to the final written product. It can help make the words more true to who that artist is and what they are doing in their practice. All of which is to say that besides the actual writing, a central service I bring to my work is coaching. I’d even go so far as to call it a form of therapy: working through intention, decoding a vision, taking a deep breath and determining how to keep making art and not losing your mind. So if this kind of service speaks to you, I’d love to talk.