Academic Editing & Historical Translating

Academic Editing

I offer editing services for scholarly journal articles, monographs, and books for publication across a variety of academic disciplines, providing editing suggestions for narrative flow, grammar, readability, content, academic rigor, and scholarly impact.


I maintain an excellent rapport with authors and, as a result of my own academic training, have a strong ability to understand and enhance academic writing and the criteria for publication, thus helping academic work reach a wider audience.  I have successfully worked with high-level academic writers and researchers to refine and strengthen their writing across a range of academic disciplines including late classical Chinese poetry, early modern Chinese narrative, medieval Italian poetry and 20th c. French Surrealism.

Translation Services
(Italian – English)

Historical documents, poetry, archival sources, scholarly monographs and narrative fiction dating from the 15th century to the present. 


Rigorous doctoral training including paleography, extensive research in Italian archives (Archivio di stato di Mantova), transcription and translation training for medieval and early modern Italian together offer specialized linguistic, editing and translation services to academics who require a high degree of professionalism, an ability to meet publication deadlines, and a capacity to collaborate with other highly trained specialists.